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It is a period of intense environmental debates and strong uncertainty about the future. The Green Economy is showing how to couple sustainability with economic growth. The energy efficiency and the renewable sources are the pillars of this change, along with the development of markets that allow creating value while preserving the resources for the generations to come. We are experts of these markets and are here to help you participate in the change.

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A team of professionals with years long solid experience in the renewable energy markets. The market has evolved and grown, and so did we!

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Energy Attribute Certificates

Guarantees of Origin, I-RECs, REGOs, RECs, Biogas Certificates, and quality labels such as EKOEnergy, Naturemade Star, ICSS, RedCert.

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Energy Efficiency

In order to respect national reduction targets in the energy consumption, some countries have put in place ad-hoc market mechanisms, such as TEE in Italy and CdEE in France.

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Carbon Offsetting

We support our clients in the identification and procurement of the right product in order to achieve their targets (Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability Reports, …).

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Power trading

We trade on the main European Power Exchanges on the day a-head and intraday markets.



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Prices for European Hydro GOs

In €/MWh - last update 16/07/2021


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