Renewable Energy Attribute Certificates

Traceability of the renewable energy consumption

The renewable energy attribute certificates serve to proof the consumption of renewable energy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and achieve sustainability goals. Let’s find out how.

Globally, energy production and the transport sector account for more than two thirds of global greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, the transition towards the production and consumption of renewable energy represents a fundamental step in reducing emissions.

Every market player, from the single individual to the large multinational company, can be part of the global effort to fight climate change, choosing to produce and / or consume renewable energy.


Through Energy Attribute Certificates (EAC), which ensure the traceability and origin of the energy sources produced and consumed.

How does it work?

Each EAC represents proof that 1 MWh of energy was produced by a specific renewable power plant, in a specific country, and fed into the grid. The Energy Attribute Certificates comply with the requirements of Scope 2 of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and are a recognized tool for documenting renewable energy consumption and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions under the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP). The EAC are also used to meet RE100 goals.

How can we work together?

Nvalue helps you understanding the different Certificates schemes and choosing the best solution for your company. We have a vast portfolio of Energy Attribute Certificates and various internationally recognized Labels, to best respond to any type of request: energy labeling, renewable energy products to the final consumers, voluntary consumption of renewable energy for marketing strategies or corporate social responsibility, and CO2 emissions compensation in line with the directives of the GHG Protocol.


Among our certificate’s offering, there are:

The only recognized tool in the European Union, Norway and Switzerland to prove that the electricity supplied and consumed comes from renewable sources.

The english system to demonstrate to the final customer that a certain amount of energy is produced from renewable sources.

The international standard conceived to trace the origin and to prove the consumption of energy generated from renewable sources in any country in the world.

Country based systems (USA, Canada, and oher) to guarantee the tracing and consumption of energy from renewable sources.

Biomethane certificates are meant to prove the reneawble character or the natural gas, and allow marke tplayers to claim 100% renewable gas consumption.

TEE and CEE to achieve energy savings targets in Italy and France

Additional quality guarantee on op of the renewable installations and products (EKOenergy, TÜV SÜD, TÜV NORD, Naturemade, Ok Power, REDcert, …)

Deal portfolio management and certificates procurement.

Ideal we combine sustainability and economic growth.

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