Renewable gas consumption

The Biomethane (green gas or renewable gas) is high-methane processed biogas, upgraded to the quality of natural gas, so that it can be injected into national grids and used as direct substitute of natural gas.

How does it work?

With the implementation of the new RED II, there is a growing interest in Europe to document the renewable character of the gas supplies. A harmonized system (like the Guarantees of Origin for electricity) does not exist yet, however many European countries have already established a certification system for biomethane.

Biomethane certificates (or Biomethane Guarantees of Origin, Renewable Gas Guarantee of Origin, Green Gas Certificates) are issued for each MWh of biomethane injected into the grid and can be used to prove the renewable character of the natural gas, thus allowing market players to claim 100% consumption of renewable gas.

In addition, corporates can also use the Biomethane Certificates to document and report the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions under Scope 1 of the GHGP, and improve their sustainability rating.

Just like the Guarantees of Origin for electricity, the Biogas Certificates can carry additional quality Label, such as Naturemade Star, REDCert, ISCC and others.

How can we work together?

Nvalue holds a large portfolio of Biomethane Certificates across Europe, and offers to its partners and clients a comprehensive assistance in understanding the product and creating their own supply or procurement strategy towards a 100% renewable energy consumption claim.

Our offering

Basic Green Gas

Technology: Waste No Nawaro

Physical delivery: NO

Label: NO

Origin: UK

Quality Green Gas

Technology: Waste No Nawaro

Physical delivery: YES

Label: REDCert, ISCC, EEWärmeG

Origin: NE/DK/DE

Naturemade Star Green Gas

Technology: Waste No Nawaro

Physical delivery: YES

Label: Naturemade Star

Origin: DK

Deal one trustable partner to access renewable gas across Europe.

Ideal developing new voluntary demand for renewables.

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