Energy Efficiency

Proof of a concrete effort to reduce energy consumption

Energy efficiency is part of the efforts undertaken by European Countries to achieve climate goals. The tools vary from country to country: tax advantages, direct public aid, or market mechanisms.

The Energy Efficiency Certificates are market mechanisms introduced in Italy (TEE) and France (CdEE) to certify the achievement of energy savings.

How does it work?

Under those schemes, the national regulation requires distributors of electricity and natural gas to achieve certain quantities of primary energy savings on a yearly basis. A single certificate declares the saving of one tonne of CO2 equivalent.

Energy efficiency certificates, issued by national authorities, reward distributors who achieve the targets in terms of reduction of energy consumption, and are negotiable on the market.

How can we work together?

Nvalue actively trades Energy Efficiency Certificates in France and in Italy, and supports both operators who have to comply with legal obligations, and those who act on a voluntary basis.

Energy Efficiency Certificates

Deal Enhancement and procurement of CEE and TEE thanks to our vast network of customers and partners in the renewable energy markets.

Ideal We contribute to the achievement of the national objectives of reducing consumption and therefore greenhouse gas emissions.

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