Guarantees of Origin

Certainty of consuming renewable electricity

The Guarantee of origin (GoO or GO) is defined in art. 15 of the European Directive 2009/28 / EC and subsequent amendment RED II, and is the only recognized tool in the European Union, Norway and Switzerland for tracing the renewable source of the electricity produced. In order to claim the consumption of renewable electricity, the end consumer must buy a Guarantee of Origin.

How does it work?

The competent national authority (Issuing Body) issues the Guarantees of Origin electronically for each MWh of electricity produced from renewable sources. Each GoO or GO is exchangeable and transferrable between operators in those countries that adhere to the system of European Guarantees of Origin through the AIB Hub.

To prove the consumption of 1 MWh of renewable electricity, the GO must be cancelled in the relevant national register, in the name of the final consumer or for fuel mix disclosure purposes.

Each Guarantee of Origin within the European Energy Certificate System (EECS) has a validity of 12 months, this means that from the moment the MWh of renewable power is produced and the corresponding GO is issued, the certificate can be transferred and cancelled only within 12 months. After this period, the GO expires and falls automatically in the residual mix of the country in which it is located at that moment.

The renewable installations falling under this scheme, or the certificate itself, can carry a Label that certifies additional quality and environmental standards. Such Label guarantee, for example, a particular attention to the respect of ecosystems or the reinvestment of revenues in new renewable projects. Among these Labels we find EKOEnergy , Naturemade, OK Power, TÜV NORD, and many others.

Furthermore, the Guarantees of Origin, together with the I-RECs and RECs, are the main tool for documenting and tracking the consumption of electricity from renewable sources in the new version of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Scope 2 Guidance.

How can we work together?

Nvalue works closely with renewable energy producers in various countries, providing reliable portfolio management services. Thanks to these partnerships, Nvalue procures Guarantees of Origin to corporates and energy distribution companies across Europe.

Whether you are a producer or a consumer of renewable energy, contact Contact us! We have interesting and creative solutions to achieve your environmental sustainability goals together, and help you participating in the energy transition.

We provide portfolio management services based on interesting remuneration structures.

We supply Guarantees of Origin to both households, companies and large energy distributors.     

Our products

For end customers

We are a Naturemade Star licensed supplier of  SOLE and AQUA, two renewable energy products based on Swiss Guarantees of Origin.

100% Swiss


Solar energy

Naturemade Star

100% Swiss


Large scale hydro

Run of River

Naturemade Star

For Businesses

Our offer of Guarantees of Origin for corporates and energy distributors is highly customizable, we offer to our clients a wide choice in terms of origin, technology, label, age of the plant, and more.

Blue Offer

100 % Hydropower

Produced in Europe

100 % renewable energy

Green Offer

Installations not older than 6 years

Mix of renewable sources

100 % renewable energy

Clean Offer

No nuclear or fossil involvment

Produced in Europe

100 % renewable energy

Europe leading Label

Nvalue is a licenced supplier.

EKOenergy promotes sustainability, fights poverty and finances sustainability projects

Deal portfolio management and certificates procurement.

Ideal we combine sustainability and economic growth.

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