An award for eco-sustainability

By choosing to consume renewable energy certified with a Label, we take a step further on the journey towards the energy transition.

How does it work?

A Label awarded to a production site, is the proof that a renewable installation fulfills certain quality standards, which are additional to the ones already set by the European regulation. In Europe and worldwide, there are several different Labels, each of them having its own specific requirements and characteristics.

The aspects that almost all the Labels share are the additional environmental and financial requirements. They guarantee, for example, a particular attention to the respect of ecosystems or the reinvestment of the revenues in new renewable projects. To receive a Label, the power plant must go through an audit process, ran by an external and independent body.

Likewise, a Label awarded to an energy product, is the proof that it fulfills certain criteria set by the Label itself or by an energy distribution company. In this second case, an independent auditor verifies that the criteria set by the energy distributor are respected and implemented.

How can we work together?

With our own portfolio of GOs with additional quality Labels (such as Naturemade Star, EKOenergy and TÜV SÜD), we are a trusted supplier for those companies that would like to pay particular attention to certain environmental aspects. Moreover, thanks to our experience we help companies to understand the various labels and to identify and choose those that best meet individual needs for additionality and environmental sustainability.

EKOenergy | label that supports environmental sustainability criteria and finances projects against energy poverty

Naturemade | Swiss label that rewards numerous energy and environmental standards (for example, fertility of the land used for fuel production, absence of GMOs etc.)

OK Power | main German seal of approval for electricity produced from new renewable installations and based on Guarantees of Origin.

TÜV SÜD – EE01 | German label managed by TÜV SÜD that promotes the use of new eco-sustainable power plants.

TÜV NORD – A75 | German label that verifies the adherence of the energy produced to strict ecological requirements.

ISCC | is a global certification system that offers solutions to address sustainability requirements for all feedstocks and markets.

RED CERT: certification for ecological biomass, biofuels and bioliquids.