Energy Efficiency

TEE in Italy

The Energy Efficiency Certificates (TEE), also called white certificates, is a mechanism that came into force in 2005 and represents the main tool for promoting energy efficiency in Italy.

TEEs – Titoli di Efficienza Energetica – are negotiable certificates that certify “the achievement of savings in the end uses of energy through interventions and projects to increase energy efficiency”. One TEE is equivalent to saving one ton of oil equivalent (TOE).

CdEE in France

Set up by the State in 2006 to finance the energy transition, the CdEE scheme – Certificats d’Economies d’Energie – obliges energy suppliers to encourage consumers to make energy savings with targets to be met for given periods.

To receive a CEE energy suppliers are therefore encouraged to actively promote energy efficiency among energy consumers: households, local authorities or professionals.

The CEE mechanism is open also to other market players, that can also undertake energy efficiency projects, receive the CEE, and sell them in the market, thus creating a market mechanism.

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