A chat with Surya Jaikaran, Business Development Executive

Surya Jaikaran - Business Development Executive

When did your journey in the energy field start and how?

After I graduated from the university, I started straight away in the energy business in oil and gas because back then that was kind of a prestigious industry to be in. Since I have a major in piping design, I was doing an internship to design piping routes on offshore platforms. So that’s basically where my journey in the energy field started. From the energy sector I never left. I just went to a different direction which was more ethically suited for me. This new field of sustainable energy fitted me better due to my passion for the environment. My passion for the environment started at a young age where I got myself involved doing volunteering in the environmental and humanitarian sector. This is something that I am still very passionate about and try to incorporate this in my lifestyle. In my spare time, if possible, I would be involved in environmental projects.

And how did you get in touch with Nvalue?

I was looking for sustainability jobs and environmental jobs in general, not in particular at a certain location or a certain place, and I found the position available at Nvalue. I went into the company’s website and I was very intrigued by what they were doing, by the entire journey that they’ve been through so far, in particular in the carbon offsetting market, which is something very important in the market right now, and that’s what convinced to apply for the Business Development Executive position.

So what are your tasks and which are the challenges of your job as Business Development Executive for Corporate Clients?

My role within Nvalue consists in getting in contact with clients, approach companies and see what their sustainability and climate strategies in the country they are living in are, and see if and where we can help them in their journey to meet their targets. Same way, I help small and medium companies who have not identified a sustainability or climate strategy yet, to set effective and reachable climate goals towards net zero, and I assist them with the implementation of that strategy. Here, together with the internal efforts to reduce their GHG emissions, I assist them with the procurement of the necessary market based solutions to mitigate the residual emissions, such as Energy Attribute Certificates and Verified Emission Reduction units.

Dealing with companies operating in various industrial sectors, comes with a challenging part which is, having to know a little bit of everything and process a large amount of information to provide an excellent service.

What kind of opportunities do you think Nvalue could seize with your help?

As my professional experience includes both involvement in environmental projects and the commercial development of projects related to renewable energy and carbon offsets, I believe I can provide a unique combination. My background allows me to critically evaluate carbon offsets projects, and select those that best coincide with the preferences of my clients. Since I’ve been doing business development since a long time, I think that’s also a little bit where my strength is, in engaging with people and with clients and portraying a message.

Basing on what you see every day in your job, what counts the most for international corporations when it comes to climate emissions?

I believe that the most challenging aspect for corporations is to understand the different options, solutions, market based instruments and reporting standards that are available in the market and in the actual regulatory framework, in order to reduce the environmental impact and make net zero claims.

Which are the challenges you and your clients are facing every day?

The most common problems that this market is facing at this moment is greenwashing.
Greenwashing happens when companies make public claims to be fully green and climate neutral in order to divert attention from the real harmful environmental impact of their business activities.
At Nvalue we pay close attention in selecting our partners and advising our customers, always giving priority to the implementation of concrete measures to reduce their environmental impact, and afterwards providing those market based solutions to fully achieve the set objectives.

Last but not least, what keeps you motivated in doing what you do and carrying on the work you are doing?

We are fighting climate change! Together with companies that work with us and together with Nvalue, I feel like I am doing something that is good for the environment, for our society, and for the planet. I strongly believe that one needs to have a passion for the environment to work in this business, if not, this could be the wrong place to be, as motivation and belief in what you do are key in climate markets.

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