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Focus on the renewable energy markets since the beginning.

Success, they say, belongs to those who can anticipate the future. Since 2008 we supply Guarantees of Origin and other environmental commodities in the European market.

Nvalue is born from the idea of Alessandro Faccoli who, at the time, has combined his 10 years of experience in the electricity sector with the emerging renewable energy certificates market.

When Nvalue is founded in 2008, the global warming, the direct influence of human activities in the increase of the greenhouse gases and the indiscriminate exploitation of the planet’s resources are already important topics, but the markets linked to those dynamics are still in their infancy.

Nvalue grows fast, and thanks to intuitions that always lead the company in the right direction, becomes a specialized and reliable operator in the environmental commodities markets.

From the very beginning, Nvalue cooperates with renewable producers to valorize throughout Europe their Guarantees of Origin for the purpose of fuel mix disclosure, to provide green products to the final clients and to answer country-based market mechanisms.

Already in 2009 the company sees a great potential in the Eastern Europe region and decides to set up a branch company in Bulgaria.

In 2013 Nvalue becomes a market operator in Italy, and then it expands its power trading activities to all of central Europe.

Today Nvalue is an expert and skilled operator in the environmental markets, with a strong focus on renewable energies. With our growing team, we continue to offer valuable solutions to our customers and partners, while keeping studying the evolution of the environmental markets, and to identify in advance the new global opportunities.


Our story

The story of Nvalue is our story

The roots of our journey are in 2005, when the Kyoto protocol enters into force.

Nvalue integrates naturally in this historical context, identifying new business opportunities well in advance of the market evolution.

Solid Management

“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.”  Warren G. Bennis

Fabio Mancin


Alessandro Faccoli

Director Trading

Simeon Valchev


Nikolay Pavlov


Growing Numbers

Thanks to the trust of our clients and partners

Dynamic Organization

When capable individuals form a team, any goal is possible.

Associations, Quality Labels, working groups, and more…

We work for the future development of our markets.

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