Commitment for the development of the environmental markets.

Nvalue is active in various national and international organizations and associations, thus guaranteeing its partners and customers immediate access to information and trends relating to the most recent developments in the environmental and renewable energy markets.

Below is the list of the realities in which we are officially included and active.

ECS Schweiz

Swiss organization, recognized at federal level, which brings together the main Swiss market operators and supports activities in the sectors of guarantees of origin, energy certificates in general, and electricity disclosure at national level.

RECS International

a European non-profit foundation that represents over 85 organizations in more than 20 countries, with the aim of creating an open and transparent renewable energy market, driven by demand and based on harmonized tracking systems.


Swiss quality label, created by the Association for environmentally friendly energy VUE, guarantees the highest environmental standards of renewable power installations and of the related energy products.


international eco-label, of a non-profit nature, which guarantees a sale of energy (electricity, gas, heat and cold) which, in addition to being 100% renewable, satisfies strict criteria of environmental sustainability. It also finances projects against energy poverty in developing countries.


Swiss association of solar energy professionals, with over 700 affiliates, is committed to increasing the use of solar energy in Switzerland, both in the form of solar thermal and as photovoltaic energy.

Italia Solare

an Italian non-profit association that promotes sustainable development and energy independence based on the use of clean energy sources, with particular reference to solar photovoltaic.


Swiss Society of Gas and Water Industry, is committed to a safe distribution of water and gas.


European Federation of Energy Traders, it is a European association of traders in the wholesale electricity and gas markets.


The Germany Biogas Register is a platform to allow tracking and prooving the injection of biogas in the natural gas network.


myNewEnergy compares electricity offers in Switzerland, and gives the possibility to private customers and businesses to directly select the offer of choice in their webpage.